Advanced analytics delivered via managed cloud services provide versatile capabilities without IT headaches.

First Big data Analytics as a Service (AaaS) offering in Nigeria

Robust & Secure

In an effort to secure highly sensitive user data for a vast and data-centric enterprice software such as 360Datalytics, some of the best server side web technologies have been deployed along side sufficient skilled and machanical recources to manage them.

Cloud Based

360Datalytic's resources and services are made available to users on demand via the Internet from high powered cloud servers. This cuts the cost of infrastructure.

Data Organized

The use of advanced methods to arrange and classify data from highly secured digital records gives way to a seamless rendering of information to users on 360Datalytics based on their categories.

Easy To Use

Cutting edge front-end technologies which come highly adaptive to all screensizes ease up the end-user's interaction with the software and enhance easy crossplatform usage, this maximizes user saticfaction.

Among other powerful features on the platform, 360Datalytics supports;

Data capture

Advanced data control systems to handle massive inflow of data from clients to the system.

Data Analysis

Information from clients is uploaded, checked, validated, reformatted and modelled, these processes are ran on the backbone of 360Datalytics software. Valuable information is pulled from these models and used.

Revenue Maximization

Project revenue with collected data; for users to keep track of income generated annually.

Effective and tailored Service Delivery

360Datalytics provides customised support to users in order of how they are categorized, it works perfecctly for each and every user on t he platform.

360Datalytics automates processes and makes life easier for citizens.

  • Easy Remittance and Payment of taxes
  • Easy Identification and Service delivery
  • Easy Registration of properties
  • Marriage record keeping and proper data analysis

Quickly tour through the softwares functionalities

Through 360datalytics, states will be able to break through their data, unlocking every potential. Improving policies and decision-making based on data.
Easily and visually blend all your data in one place to gain a 360-degree view of your business